A Graveyard in Algiers

Unearth the Mysteries of "A Graveyard in Algiers" - Prepare for a Riveting Tale of Intrigue and Unforgettable Characters

Welcome to a world where mysteries unravel, bodies pile up, and danger lurks at every turn. Enter the captivating realm of “A Graveyard in Algiers” by AJ Lewis, the gripping fourth installment in the Muhammad Amalfi Mystery Series. Get ready for a fast-paced journey filled with exorcisms, hidden treasures, and the quest for truth.

Book Overview

When an exorcism takes a deadly turn, chaos ensues, and the body count starts to rise. Captain, señora, dandy, scoundrel, and doctor – their paths intertwine as they navigate the murky world of gold coins mined from ancient Numidian ruins. Plague descends upon Algiers, and locusts ravage the countryside, setting the stage for Chief Commissioner Muhammad’s most challenging task yet – relocating an entire graveyard under the orders of the Dey.
Uncover the secrets of the woman found dead in a hillside cottage, and venture into the enigmatic depths of Cervantes’ Cave, where an ill-fated exorcism leads to unexpected consequences. Who is the elusive Third Fatima, and what role does she play in this intricate web of intrigue?

Key Features and Benefits

Key Features and Benefits

Ready to discover a City on the Mediterranean Long Thought to be Forbidden?

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Author Background

The Red Headed Book Lover wrote: 

AJ Lewis, the author of the novel, can only be described as a talented writer, the finest kind who is imaginative as well as passionate; these are two qualities I look for in an author, and Lewis certainly has them! Lewis’s words were exceptional and very moving and always kept me guessing about what was going to happen to the characters I had grown to love, as well as the outcome of the story. I so badly wanted to know what was going to happen and so I raced to the end and wow, what a satisfying read and ending it was!

An Admirer of Books, AJ Lewis

AJ Lewis, the brilliant author behind “A Graveyard in Algiers,” possesses a rare talent for blending historical accuracy with gripping storytelling. With each installment of the Muhammad Amalfi Mystery Series, Lewis continues to captivate readers and breathe life into the past.

What our readers say...

AJ Lewis has once again woven a tapestry of intrigue, suspense, and historical authenticity in ‘A Graveyard in Algiers.’ This book is a must-read for anyone seeking a thrilling journey through time.

Rebecca C.

Lewis’s ability to transport readers into the heart of Algiers is nothing short of magical. ‘A Graveyard in Algiers’ is an engrossing tale filled with surprises at every turn. I couldn’t put it down!

Thomas S.

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Unlock the mysteries that lie within the confines of “A Graveyard in Algiers.” Join Chief Commissioner Muhammad on his first case and navigate the treacherous world of the Dey’s orders. Prepare to be enthralled by a tale of suspense, historical richness, and unexpected twists.
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