Mystery Series

Book One

A Captive in Algiers

An orphan boy ‘borrows’ a boat in Amalfi. What could possibly go wrong…?

The year before revolution breaks out in France, Ettore sees an opportunity to add coins to the strong boxes he keeps hidden near his hammock in the brothel where he’d lived since birth. But will he cheat fate in an open boat on the Tyrrhenian Sea the way he fleeces the tourists and pilgrims he guides in his native Amalfi?
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Book Two

An Admirer of Books

A corpse in a Turkish bath. Roving bands of the insane released from their asylums. Two trials. And a law student for the defense.

When an earthquake shakes the city and the debris-ridden alleyways of the Casbah resound with cries for help and sighs of grief, Muhammad steps in with legal aid for an enslaved manservant accused of murder and a maidservant he knows only as An Admirer of Books. 
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Book Three

Another Tomb in Algiers

Blasphemy. Recurring dreams. Danger. Is Algiers safe?
While Muhammad is a student at the law college, he grows concerned for his friend when he witnesses trials for blasphemy that might result in torture and death for the accused.

After searching in every port on the Mediterranean, Bivio does everything in his power to discover the identity of the mysterious ‘Mountain Bather’ who walks on water in his recurring dream.
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Book Four

A Graveyard in Algiers

When an exorcism goes wrong, the bodies start piling up…

What have a dodgy sea captain, a Spanish señora, an Italian dandy, a local scoundrel, and an Irish doctor to do with gold coins mined from the crumbling ruins of an ancient Numidian city?

After plague descends upon Algiers and locusts devour the countryside, how will Chief Commissioner Muhammad carry out the orders of the Dey to move an entire graveyard? Available now on Amazon

Book Five

An Affair of Honor

An Affair of Honor

A young Turkish girl emerges from the forest in the company of an Algerian boy, prompting a village rumormonger to cry shame.

Chief Commissioner Muhammad risks the wrath of the Dey of Algiers to rescue a Turkish runaway. But if he succeeds, who will have her? And what does the French Revolution have to do with any of this?
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Book Six

An Abduction in Algiers

When Chief Commissioner Muhammad Amalfi discovers the bodies of slain janissaries in an abandoned warehouse, he finds himself the scapegoat in a plot to overthrow the Dey of Algiers.

When Muhammad, a maidservant, and the widow of a murdered Turk are abducted by brigands, he is faced with one of the toughest challenges of his life. And when the Dey strips him of his office and demands his execution, he knows his life might soon be over.
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Book Seven

The Domain of the Moon

How will Muhammad help a woman abandoned by her family when an abusive corsair captain claims to have married her?
And how will Chief Commissioner Muhammad save the only refuge for women in Algiers from destruction by the enraged Barbary corsair and his cutthroat crew?

When Lalla Hurriya succeeds in using the French Consul to gain entrance to a secret society, it’s only the beginning. Available on Amazon in 2024!

Book Eight

Children of the Nine

How will Lalla Hurriya assist the barely conscious woman dressed in bridal clothing who staggers inside her refuge for women during a fierce rainstorm?

When Chief Commissioner Muhammad discovers the identity of a body burned to ashes in an abandoned kiln on a lonely hilltop outside the city, he doesn’t know what to think. When he is commanded to locate the
daughter-in-law of a prestigious family who has gone missing, and then to obey the command of the Dey of Algiers to bring him the head of the French Consul. Available on Amazon in 2024!

Book Nine

Murder at Midnight

What will a lover’s tryst on Midsummer’s Eve reveal?

When Commissioner Muhammad discovers a headless corpse on a beach, he turns to Lalla Hurriya and her experience with the women in the hinterlands of Algiers to help him discover the victim’s identity. While in the midst of an investigation to bring a killer to justice, Muhammad stumbles into a palace coup.
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Book Ten

A Stranger Betrayed

It all leads to this epic conclusion…

When Muhammad and Hurriya foil a palace coup, the Dey of Algiers inexplicably calls for Muhammad’s head. With his world turned upside down by the lies of palace intriguers, Muhammad must flee for his life.
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