An Admirer of Books

Unleash the Intrigue of "An Admirer of Books" Step into a World of Mystery and Justice

Available on Amazon! Prepare for another gripping journey into the intricate world of the Muhammad Amalfi Mystery Series. Welcome to “An Admirer of Books” by AJ Lewis, where secrets unravel and justice hangs in the balance. Brace yourself for a thrilling tale of murder, trials, and a relentless pursuit of truth.

Book Overview

In the midst of chaos, a corpse is discovered in a Turkish bath, triggering a series of events that will test the limits of justice. Muhammad, armed with his legal knowledge and unwavering determination, steps forward to defend an enslaved manservant accused of murder and a mysterious maidservant known only as An Admirer of Books.
As the city trembles from an earthquake and the Casbah echoes with cries for help, Muhammad must navigate treacherous courtroom battles and uncover the truth hidden amidst the debris.

Key Features and Benefits

Key Features and Benefits

Ready to Discover an Identity Long Thought to be Lost Forever?

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Author Background

AJ Lewis, the gifted author behind “An Admirer of Books,” brings a wealth of historical knowledge and a flair for intricate storytelling to this enthralling series. With an eye for detail and a passion for capturing the essence of the era, Lewis continues to mesmerize readers with each page-turning installment.

What our readers say...

“A book that made me travel in time and space, feeling the smell and the sounds of a place I never visited. Well plotted and well written. A solid mystery with enough twists and an interesting cast of characters. Highly recommended.

Anna Maria Giacomasso, a librarian

“An Admirer of Books” weaves a tapestry of themes encompassing identity, fidelity, and the relentless pursuit of justice. Lewis masterfully crafts a fast-paced historical fiction narrative set against an unconventional backdrop. For readers who relish historical fiction enriched with mystery and unconventional settings, this book offers an engaging voyage into a realm of intrigue. Guided by the skillful hand of the author, who seamlessly blends history and fiction, the story becomes a compelling and immersive reading experience. Highly recommended.

Piaras, an Amazon Reviewer

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Unlock the secrets that lie within the alleys of the Casbah and delve into the thrilling world of “An Admirer of Books.” Join Muhammad on his quest for justice, truth, and the unraveling of enigmatic mysteries.
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