Charles Mace

Charles Mace and his wife figure significantly in several of the novels, and was in fact the British Consul General in Algiers for several years. I hope that the liberties

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First Impressions… from the Sea

The setting for The Muhammad Amalfi Mysteries is Algiers in the final decades of the Ottoman Regency. Like Camus who yearned for a future in which the city he loved

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Jean Bon St. Andre

As historical novels, the Muhammad Amalfi Mysteries follow, however loosely, the events that shaped the Mediterranean world in the final decade of the Eighteenth century and the first decades of

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British Newspaper Archive

One of the sources I’ve made use of in writing the Muhammad Amalfi Mysteries is the British Newspaper Archives, found at This is a brilliant collection of digitized British,

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Will it be peace? Or
will it be War?

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